PATRICIA RODAS AND ILAR GUNILLA PERSSON We started the project with a journey to the Faroe Islands in the autumn of 2001 and continued to the Northern Norway 2005 and Denmark 2012. the results of the photos were an exhibition that traveled around the Nordic countries. In a world where mergers and a global mindset are more current than ever, an interest has been aroused in us to focus on women’s identity tied to the society she is living in. These are our inspriations. We want to document how the nordic woman with an immigrant backround perceives the Nordic mentality, culture, history and everyday life. We want to capture the essense of the person and the places that they hold as special in their everyday lives. Their identity linked to the places they are living in. How do different women define culture and identity and how is this influenced by their historic and cultural background? How do they feel that their identity and sense of belonging is influenced by elements from several countries and cultures? We will ask the women that we photograph to write down their thoughts on these questions which will become an important complement to the exhibition we are planning after photographing in several Nordic states. The project's goal is to even bring to light that all women aren't formed in the same mold that we are often exposed to in the media. We want to highlight women's uniqueness and challenge the media's images to show the broad range that can be so incredibly diverse. We have been assigned grants from Nordisk Kulturfond, Österbotniska samfundet och Svenska Kulturfonden. Read more

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